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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

First Semester Vocabulary - Art 1 & 2

Art 1 & 2 Vocabulary

Asymmetry - An image that is not similar in appearance when divided vertically or horizontally.

Biomorphic Shape - an irregular shape that resembles the natural curves found in living organism

Composition - an arrangement of all the elements of design which achieves a unified whole.

Craftsmanship - taking time to make sure a project is done well; cleanliness.

Elements of Design: line, shape, color, value, and texture. These are the basic ingredients that an artist uses to produce art.

Geometric Shape - shapes that obey the laws of geometry; triangles, squares, circles, etc.

Hatching - repeated parallel lines used to create value.
Cross-Hatching - more than one set of parallel lines which cross each other at different angles to create value.
Stippling - the process of painting, engraving, or drawing by use of dots or small marks to create values.
Horizon Line - the line where the sky meets the ground.

Negative Space - the empty space around all positive elements in a piece of art.

Perspective - any graphic system used to create the illusion of three-dimensional images on a two-dimensional surface. Types include linear and atmospheric.

Principles of Design: balance, movement, rhythm, contrast, emphasis, proportion and unity.

Symmetry - the exact duplication of appearance on either side of a division line either vertically or horizontally.

Vanishing Point - a point at an infinite distance on the horizon line at which any two or more lines that represent parallel lines will converge.
Contour - the outer edge of forms which implies three dimensions. (Think of it like a coloring book illustration without the color.)
Focal Point - the center of interest.
The GRID System - A useful method of scaling up a drawing on the painting surface using a series of perpendicular grid lines to create rectangles.
Subject Matter - the subject of the artwork, such as landscape, still life, portrait, etc.

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