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Monday, October 12, 2009

Art 1 & 2

Draw Montgomery Project
All Art 1&2 students are to be working on the Draw Montgomery competition project. I gave each of you the links to the competition along with the requirements in a previous posting this year. Please review that post. You were each given your scratch paper cut to size. Art 1 students are to complete an 11x14" scratch paper and the Art 2 students have 1/2 sheet of poster board to work with as long as it is larger than 11x14".
  1. Photograph a Montgomery building or other Montgomery scene.
  2. Crop this photograph until you have a pleasing composition. Your building should be the focal point so remove excess background imagery, like sky, in order to make your building the focal point. Remember, crop your photograph using the measurements that I gave you in class: 2 3/4 x 3 1/2" or 5 1/2 x 7"
  3. Draw the cropped image in your sketchbook. You can remove or adjust elements from the photograph when you draw it in your sketchbook. For example, you can remove people or cars from the photograph when you draw it in your sketchbook to see if this enhances your overall composition. Once you complete a final sketch, redraw the sketch onto the larger sheet of Newsprint paper which you received in class. This larger drawing should be 11x14", the same size as your final scratch paper. The easiest way to do this is to trace the outline of your scratch paper onto the newsprint. Cut away the excess newsprint.
  4. Shade the back of your newsprint with a layer of graphite. Use a wood pencil and shade it at an angle so that you shade with the side of the lead and not the point. This way you can shade much faster.
  5. Place the newsprint on top of the scratch paper with the shaded graphite side down, touching the scratch paper, and you drawing face up. Make sure you tape the newsprint to the scratch paper so that it doesn't move using TWO small pieces of tape in the top corners.
  6. Trace the lines of your drawing with a colored pencil so that you can see where you have traced. Press slightly harder than normal so that you transfer the graphite on the back to the scratch paper surface. You can periodically lift the newsprint to see if your transfer is successful. If not than you either need to press harder or add more graphite to the back of the newsprint.
  7. Once you have transferred the drawing to the scratch paper you are ready to start scratching. You will have to purchase a scratch board drawing utensil from Hobby Lobby or Baker's Art Supply (Coliseum Blvd.) if we don't have any at school by the 14th. They are about $6. Use hatching and cross-hatching marks to scratch away the black paint from your scratch paper, leaving the white poster board underneath to show. BE CAREFUL - you cannot "unscratch" an area once it's been scratched so pay close attention to your photo reference and scratch only the areas that are needed.
  8. ALL PROJECTS ARE DUE OCT. 21st. Good luck - Mr. Kelley

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