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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New for October

Art 1 (7th grade) - Your new project is the Pattern Project. Here's the step by step. If you have any questions please contact me...... BUT LISTEN WHEN I GIVE YOU COUNSEL. DO NOT ASK ME THE SAME QUESTION MULTIPLE TIMES!!!! You all are driving me up the wall with your lack of attention.

Step 1 - In your sketchbook brainstorm for several motif ideas. These should vary in value, some looking darker than others; some looking lighter. This will be determined by the amount of shading you choose to do in each motif. These motifs will be used to create the larger pattern

Step 2 - Now choose between 5 and 7 motifs that were approved by me in class. Cut out the ones with which you choose to work. Now spend a few minutes arranging and rearranging these cut-outs until you find a desirable sequence. When you're happy with the order, carefully flip them over in place and run a strip of tape along the backside to keep them permanently together.

Step 3 - Draw a 1 inch border around your project paper (you received it in class). Now lightly draw a 1 inch grid inside the border. THIS SHOULD BE DONE LIGHTLY! We will erase all the pencil lines when you finish the entire project, so done draw the grid very dark.

Step 4 - Now, using the light boxes in class, lay your cut-outs underneath your grid paper and line them up with the top-left corner of your paper. With the light box on, you should clearly see through your grid paper to the cut-outs. Once aligned, tape your grid paper down in the top 2 corners only (you'll need to be able to flip the paper up to move the cut-outs, so don't tape all the corners).

Step 5 - Now you're ready to trace what you see. Carefully redraw your cut-out motifs onto the grid paper. KEEP YOUR PENCIL MARKS AS LIGHT AS POSSIBLE!

Step 6 - Continue tracing your cut-outs and moving them down so that they fill in the next set of empty squares.

Step 7-Notice how I move the cut-outs over one grid square with each new row. This prevents the same motif of being repeated within the same column. It also creates a cool diagonal effect in the pattern.

Step 8- Continue tracing and realigning the cut-outs until you have filled in the whole sheet of grid paper. You should have a lightly draw pattern, ready for you to begin using your felt-tip pen for shading and re-drawing. I'll have the original drawing in class which is used in this post for you to examine. Work hard and be careful. - Mr. Kelley

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