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This blog is here for Cornerstone Christian Academy art students to use as a tutorial and troubleshooting site for the completion of their various yearly projects. Use this blog to find periodic updates and tips. Please leave comments: ask questions, comment on your progress, or leave helpful tips for your fellow classmates to read regarding a particular class project. Good Luck!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Homework Due Feb. 3, 2010

Art 3 - your homework is to complete a significant portion on your scratch boards. If you haven't begun to scratch on the board then you are falling far behind. We will spend another couple weeks on this project in order to complete more of our scheduled assignments this year. Be prepared to work on your board in class on Wednesday. Remember ... do not scratch your drawing into the scratch board. Rather use hatching and cross-hatching techniques to create the appropriate value of each section of your composition. Always have your photo reference close at hand and observe carefully the lightness or darkness of every area of the photograph. I suggested in class that you first scratch out any areas of your composition that are completely white in the photograph. Also make a mental note where all your black areas are in the photograph. Once you have done these two steps then you are ready to compare every other piece of the composition to the white and black areas to better determine the degree of lightness for each element of your scratch board. Good luck - Mr. Kelley

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