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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Homework Due Feb. 3, 2010

Art 1&2 - Your homework this week is to complete five (5) Pure Contour drawings. As we learned in class, the Pure Contour drawing method is the most effective way to activate the right-brain functions. These functions are used to help artists perceive more easily what it is that they are drawing. The goal for these Pure Contour drawings is to help you learn how to see what you are drawing... the way artists see. This is much more than merely noticing or looking at and object. You must really understand every detail of the object..... and you will!

Your 5 Pure contour drawings must be the following: 1-crumpled piece of paper, 1-shoe, 2-hand with wrinkled palm, and 1- freebie (you choose an object to draw).

Remember that you must NOT look at your hand while you draw. You must have 10 minutes of uninterrupted time so retire to a quiet room in your house where you will not be disturbed. Pick a point near the center of your object to start with. Now look for a line near or on that point (remember your wrinkles in your hand) and follow that line, or edge, with your eye. Slowly and carefully move your pencil in your drawing hand in the same direction as your as your eyes. Do not let your eyes move faster than your pencil and do not let your pencil draw more than what your eyes are looking at. Your finished drawing should resemble these examples. Good Luck - Mr. Kelley

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