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Thursday, August 19, 2010

7th grade - Project #1: Value Studies - DUE Aug.31st

Example of finished Project. Rows (top to bottom) = hatching, cross-hatching, stippling, initial, blending

Example of using 1 inch sections to help go from dark to light

Your first project is dealing with Value and Line. As mentioned in class, there are several methods of achieving value with lines. Here are the ways we covered (study these terms and definitions....they will probably show up in a Quiz)

Hatching - The use of one set of parallel lines to create values. Click Here to see examples

Cross-Hatching - The use of multiple sets of parallel lines, which cross over each other, to create values Click Here to see examples

Stippling (Pointillism) - The use of dots, dashes, or points to create value Click Here to see examples

Blending - A method of creating flawless transitions between values by smudging the values together.

Your project is to draw 5 rows on your paper that I gave you in class. Each row should be 1x12 inches. (See example above) Use only ONE shading method in each row. Do not combine shading methods. Start with the darkest values on the left and end up with just white paper on the right. For the stippling row you may use a Sharpie marker to save time (see example). On the Blending row you may use your finger or a Q-Tip to "smear" your lines. I can help you with this in class. Look at the examples given and contact me if you have questions. Remember - the most important thing is to have good craftsmanship; no smudges outside the rows and no creases in the paper. Clean your paper after you've finished shading by erasing all unwanted marks. Good luck.

PS - Bring your syllabus stubs with your parent's signature and an email address. Also bring your Sketchbook, mechanical pencils, and felt-tipped pen. Remember - it's 2pts off your project grade each time you don't bring your supplies to class.

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