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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Example of Egg study for homework

Example of creating a portrait starting with the highlights. Click to enlarge.

ART1&2 - Above you will find examples of your homework assignment and your current in-class final project. First the homework: Draw 5 egg sketches. You should setup your egg on a flat surface under a light source, like a desk lamp. Tone your sketchbook paper like we have been doing in class using the side of your pencil and a paper towel. Now erase the highlights on the egg and the light areas of the background. Move onto adding darker shadows until you have a finished egg study which resembles the egg you set up to look at. You need 5 different egg drawings. Make sure you have crisp lines for the edges of the egg and shadows.
You'll also see an example of the portrait drawings you are doing in class. I have posted a few images of a preliminary sketch I recently did for a client. The methods I am teaching you in class are the very methods that I use in my own art which I have found to be the most effective. You'll see that I tone the paper and then erase the lights and highlights in the face to begin. Afterwards I begin adding the darker shadows until satisfied. I sometimes add very light pencil marks after erasing the highlights to clarify the facial features. This is similar to how you completed your hand drawings a few weeks ago using the picture plane.
ART3 - Continue working on your striped fabric drawings. Gentleman: Suzanna has showed you how it's done. Her drawing is looking great and all because ..... she's actually working on it. As I mentioned in class, if there are any of you who would rather take a written exam as your final rather than doing this project I will allow you to do so. The condition is that you spend your art class time in the office studying for the exam or working on assignments for other subjects. The exam will be roughly 25 questions and I will make sure you have a study guide beforehand. It will only be worth a maximum of 45% of your "project" grade. You must let me know before the 14th if you wish to take this route.

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