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This blog is here for Cornerstone Christian Academy art students to use as a tutorial and troubleshooting site for the completion of their various yearly projects. Use this blog to find periodic updates and tips. Please leave comments: ask questions, comment on your progress, or leave helpful tips for your fellow classmates to read regarding a particular class project. Good Luck!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Homework & Projects Due - Feb. 17, 2010

Art 1 - Your homework is to complete 2 new hand drawings using the Picture Plane tool. These must include shading. Do not repeat the same hand position more than once. It is key that you follow the instruction posted last week without any deviation! I expect to see EVERY detail in your hand! Don't generalize what you see; DRAW only what you see. Remember: If you have a picture frame at home which is the same size as your Picture Plane opening or larger, you may use the glass from the picture frame to draw on instead of the flimsy transparency you received in class. This is MUCH better and easier when tracing your hand underneath because the glass won't shift under the marker as you trace. These two drawings will be a part of your Project grade along with the one you finished from last week. We will critique the drawings on Wednesday. Gook Luck

Art 2 - You are to complete 2 new Picture Plane drawings: 1) a new hand position and 2) a landscape or still life. A still life can be anything inanimate, like a floral arrangement, car, fabric, anything. Simply hold the Picture Plane up at eye-level and at arm's length and move it around until you find a pleasing composition inside the Picture Plane opening. Once you find a good composition, carefully trace it with the marker while keeping your head still and one eye closed. Tone the paper, erase, and shade after copying the Picture Plane drawing to your paper. Please use the cross hairs we discussed in class to copy from transparency to paper.

Art 3 - Your scratch boards are due Wednesday. Continue working on them over the week. If you have any questions or problems (attn: Mr. Newton) contact me immediately. I won't have sympathy on you if it is obvious that you wasted the entire week due to some small issue. Good luck - Mr. Kelley


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