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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Perspective Drawings - Art 1&2

Example of lines receding into a vanishing point.
Example of 1pt perspective

Example of 2 pt perspective

Example of 2pt perspective landscape.

Art 1&2

Perspective Drawing assignment - Your project is to create a composition illustrating 1 point and 2 point perspectives. Your composition should depict a fantasy landscape. In this imaginary landscape you may have various shapes such as circles, squares, and other original shapes much like buildings. Your drawing must have these few items:

a horizon line, minimum 3 objects above the horizon line, minimum 3 objects below the horizon line, and minimum 2 objects directly in front of the horizon line.

Art 2 - art 2 students will have to create the same drawing as above PLUS a second drawing showing a minimum of 6 objects rendered in 3-point perspective.

All projects will be due before the Christmas break.

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