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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pop Quiz #3

Here are the words for the next quiz which will be given before you finish your sculpture project.

Achromatic - Having no color. Most blacks, whites, grays and browns are achromatic.

Addition - a sculptural term that means building up, assembling, or putting on material.

Armature - A rigid framework serving as an inner support for soft sculpting materials such as

Assemblage - Sculpture using preexisting, sometimes "found" objects.

Atectonic - a sculpture containing considerable amounts of open space; not completely solid or

Installations - a sculptural set up meant to transform the interior or exterior space in which it
is housed.

Mass - The physical bulk of a solid body of material.

Mixed Media - Works of art made with more than one meduim. (Ex. a piece of art made
with charcoal, watercolor and pastels.)

Mobile - a three dimensional moving sculpture.

Modeling - the sculptural technique of shaping a pliable material.

Relief sculpture - an artwork utilizing relatively shallow depth to establish images. It is meant

to be viewed frontally, not from all sides.

Sculpture - An expression of an idea through three-dimensional form.

Silhouette - The shape of an object determined by its contours or edges.

Tectonic - The quality of massiveness; lacking any significant extrusions or intrusions.

Void - an area lacking positive substance and consisting of negative space.

Volume - a measurable area of defined or occupied space.

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