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This blog is here for Cornerstone Christian Academy art students to use as a tutorial and troubleshooting site for the completion of their various yearly projects. Use this blog to find periodic updates and tips. Please leave comments: ask questions, comment on your progress, or leave helpful tips for your fellow classmates to read regarding a particular class project. Good Luck!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Class Grid Project #1

Well here it is. The class made a great effort at copying Michelangelo's God even though most of the class couldn't tell what they were looking at on their grid pieces. I think we all agree that once the pieces are together it is easier to tell what changes can be made to improve each section. For example, as we discussed in the critique, the pieces that catch our attention first are those that have great contrast; dark shadows and bright highlights. Some of you who volunteered to complete two separate grid pieces and still needed to spend a little more time working on them but everyone who turned in a piece has the option of reworking them for a better grade, if you choose. Since this will be proudly on display in the hallway for all to see, I would hope that each and everyone of you make your best effort at making your piece perfect. This is a terrific class project and I hope it will serve you well on our next project. See you all in class Thursday! - Mr. Kelley

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