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Friday, October 10, 2008

POP QUIZ #2 - Oct. 16, 2008

Here are the words for the pop quiz and the alternate definitions. Good Luck - Jared

implied line - lines that dim, fade, stop or dissappear. The missing portions are visually completed by the viewer.

curvilinear - the use of curved lines. (fingerprints are a great example)

perspective - creating the illusion of a 3-D image on a 2-D surface.

achromatic value - relating to differences of light and dark, disregarding color.

cast shadow - the dark area that occurs on a surface as a result of something being placed between that surface and a light source.

chiaroscuro - 1) distribution of light and dark. 2) an art technique that blends light and shade gradually to create a 3-D illusion.

highlight - the portion of an object that appears to receive the greatest amount of direct light.

shadow, shade, or shading - the darker values on the surface of an object that appear to receive the least amount of direct light.

tenebrism - a painting technique that exaggerates or emphasizes the effects of chiaroscuro.

representational art - type of art that uses the art elements to create an image that looks like an actual object.

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