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This blog is here for Cornerstone Christian Academy art students to use as a tutorial and troubleshooting site for the completion of their various yearly projects. Use this blog to find periodic updates and tips. Please leave comments: ask questions, comment on your progress, or leave helpful tips for your fellow classmates to read regarding a particular class project. Good Luck!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Value Excercise - Due Sep.18, 2008

Value Exercise using 1. Hatching 2. Cross Hatching 3. Stippling/Pointillism 4. Using One of your Initials 5. Smudging/Blending

OK -this is your latest homework assignment. If your not using this blog and checking it regularly then it's gonna be tough to do well in this class and let's be honest - you DON'T want to be the student who failed art! It's a given "A" if you just attempt to do your best.

This example is one that I put together on the same sheet of paper that all of you were handed in class. It took me less than one hour to complete. TIP: Be careful when pulling your tape off the paper; if you pressed the tape on firmly it might peel the paper off with it in the end so pull the tape slowly and carefully. Also if you want to protect your graphite from smearing, after you finish everything, use hairspray (outdoors, not indoors!) and lightly spray the surface of your paper. If you have any questions, email me at tigerpride@live.com or leave your question in a comment box here on this blog. Remember to subscribe to this blog by entering your email address in the designated box at the top of the blog.

Lastly - all of you who quietly smuggled our rulers out of the classroom, please return them next week. It's my second week teaching you all and I'll be darned if I'm gonna be accused of taken office supplies! Thanks and good luck. - Mr. Kelley


D-town said...

Hey Mr. Jared,

Just wanted to say what a cool blogspot! This is going to help so much this year in class. Oh yeah, I had some ideas for bands we could listen to in class: Third Day, Casting Crowns, dcTalk, Toby Mac, Brandon Heath, Jimmy Needham, Jeremy Camp, Aaron Shust, Todd Agnew. If you need me to bring any of these in I can do that. Thanks.
-Mr. Titus(that's so cool to say!)

Jared Kelley said...

Mr. Titus - If you brought those CD's to me (two or three at a time) I would appreciate it. That way Mrs. Stewart can check them out beforehand and give us the green light. Good luck with the Value Study homework - Mr. Jared

Haileybug_7 said...

Hey Mr.Jared I just wanted to say thanks for putting the four shad bars up!!! You saved me thank so much!!!

-Hailey Holliday :)

tp said...

Hey Mr. Kelley
I'll mostly be done with my portrait by tomorrow....
But since we did not have class last week, is it definatly due tomorrow????/ thanks....please let me know if you see this.