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This blog is here for Cornerstone Christian Academy art students to use as a tutorial and troubleshooting site for the completion of their various yearly projects. Use this blog to find periodic updates and tips. Please leave comments: ask questions, comment on your progress, or leave helpful tips for your fellow classmates to read regarding a particular class project. Good Luck!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Homework Due March 31

ART 1&2 - STUDY for Quiz. The quiz will consist of these items:

  • The 5 perception skills of drawing consist of - the perception of edges, the perception of spaces, the perception of relationships, the perception of lights and shadows, and the perception of the whole.
  • The forms in a composition which are the subject matter and which catch the viewer's eye first.
  • The basic unit is a simple shape which is used to begin a complex drawing and which can be used to figure correct proportions and placement.
  • The particular shape of a drawing or painting surface. The length and width of a drawing or painting surface.
  • A contour is always the border (edge) of two things simultaneously.
  • Composition consists of three parts - 1:positive shapes 2:negative spaces 3:format

Study these items and be ready for the quiz. We will be working on self portraits in class.

ART 3 - continue working on your still life projects. Bring all supplies to class (charcoal, white conte, and red pastel pencils, paper, and photo reference.) You will lose 5pts from your final project grade for not bringing your materials to class starting on March 31st.